How to set up business in Australia as a foreign company?

How to set up business in Australia as a foreign company? Case studies

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Among the things that investors would like to learn about Australian businesses, is how business has gone for other investors. Austrade shares some updates on these companies, with regard to their expansion in the country and the progress they have made. Here are some of the updates about those that have invested in Australia.

Johnson & Johnson and the Queensland Government

Johnson & Johnson is one of the big companies that have invested in Australia. Just recently, the Queensland Government has announced collaboration with the US pharmaceutical and healthcare giant. One of the bigger goals of the collaboration is the development and commercialization of healthcare innovations in Queensland.

Science and Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch said, “We’re looking for exceptional innovations – ones with a real chance of being turned into investable products with benefits for patients.” She added that the winners will spend the money in Queensland on direct research and commercialization services.

Expansion of Renewable Energy to Australia

Neoen, the leading French renewable energy company, has decided to expand its scope in international markets like Australia. In 2014, Australia has tapped 13.47 percent of its energy source from renewable sources. The energy is enough to provide power to an average of 4.5 million homes for a year. This change attracted Neoen and the French company decided to make an investment in Australia.

‘We were looking for a country that had a favourable environment for renewable energy,’ said Franck Woitiez, Managing Director, Neoen Australia. “We looked at several countries and regions, including Brazil and North America, but Australia presented the best opportunity for our business.”

Firefly International Office in Sydney

Firefly is a London-based education software company. The company is considering Australia as a perfect place to establish its international presence. Wanting to give enhanced support to its customers across the globe, particularly the Asia-Pacific region, the company has put up a new Sydney office.

Since its launch in 2011, Firefly—a learning platform, parent portal, intranet and learning management system all in one—has seen high popularity among hundreds of schools across the United Kingdom.

‘Teachers like it because it saves them time when they create teaching plans and check homework. Students like it because the video, slides and audio tools give free rein to creativity. Parents like it because they can stay engaged with the school, and their children’s progress,’ Moray Souter said.

B2B Gateway Service in Asia-Pacific

B2B Gateway is a cloud-based Electronic Data Interchage provider based in the US. The company has recently opened its new office in Sydney, Australia. The office will be used to better their customer service in the Asia-Pacific region. B2B integrates data from back-end systems to allow exchange of information across trading partners. Its EDI products are used by clients in the wholesale distribution, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, government, and non-profit sectors.

German Institute Partners in Melbourne

The renowned “Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology” has agreed to collaborate with the new “Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre” (IM CRC), based in Melbourne.

To encourage internationally competitive marketing among Australian manufacturers, the Federal Government awarded IM CRC A$40 million funding.

The Minister for Industry and Science, the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP said, “The IM CRC in Melbourne has been established to develop knowledge-intensive competitive industries in areas of global growth, including additive manufacturing, lightweight robotics and medical devices.”

Danish Geophysical Company in Perth

To service clients in the Southeast Asian region, the Copenhagen-based geophysical technology company, Qeye Labs, has installed a regional office in Perth, Western Australia.

“Quantative interpretation is one of the technologies with the highest returns on investment available to an oil company,” said Rob Ross, Managing Director of Qeye Labs South East Asia. “It significantly reduces risk during the exploration, development and production phases of the oilfield.”

Sysmex in Australia’s Healthcare Market

Japanese company Sysmex Corporation is investing A$1.5 million to enhance its presence in Australia through a sales and support office. Seeing the growing demand for diagnostic testing, the company has decided to set up an Australian subsidiary and boost its local sales through a new office in Sydney.

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