Tokyo Fashion Week has a New Name-Sponsor

Tokyo Fashion Week: Italy and Japan join forces

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As any Tokyo fashionista knows, it is that time of year again. The twice yearly Tokyo Fashion Week (TFW), held in March and October, where Shibuya goes (fashion) crazy..… more than usual.  The week brings together all major and minor players and therefore provides many business opportunities. You just have to navigate your way around...

Amazon as new name-sponsor

Now rebranded from Mercedes-Benz TFW to Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week, the work behind the craziness certainly did not change for Tokyo to remain a relevant fashion leader. I was honoured again by an invitation to one of the better off-catwalk events of TFW. As well as the obvious visual benefits of chit-chatting with pretty ladies, one can also chat with the brains behind the TFW event.

Italy & Japan Fashion World Join Forces

Once more, some heavy hitters from the Italian Fashion industry were the invited speakers and the theme became clear. Italy and Japan have had relations for over 150 years and one of the biggest links is the fashion industry. Both countries correctly pride themselves on quality in fashion style …. but it also means both countries fashion industries (like so many others) are doing it tough since the GFC. Rather than competing, through the bigger visions of the brains-trust present, Italy and Japan are supporting each other towards a win-win for both their fashion industry. Young Japanese designers (The kids, as we call them), get the opportunity to show their design-work in Italy and quality fabrics from Japanese production-houses migrate into Italian fashion houses, at least those where cost for quality can be tolerated.

So What is the Next Fashion Trend?

However, I know you are not interested in these facts, are you? All you really want to know is, “What is the next fashion trend?”. According to the speakers, recent seasons have seen a clear shift in the customer mindset. Sporty, Sweet Elegance, Street Inspired and 90s Retro are all clearly present, but none are “winning”. The unanimous conclusion was that the new trend (drum-roll please) is “Minimalization of Own Trend”. Re-wording that in English for the rest of us - The trend is to wear what you like, your own statement, your own trend! It is nice to know finally that I have been ahead of this fashion-trend for 30 years.

So, if you are a fashion-leader or fashion-follower and want to get into Japanese fashion, please contact me, your “Fashion-Leading” Alliance experts Man-in-Japan: Garry Bickle.

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