Tianjin Marine & High Tech Park – your base in China

Tianjin Marine & High Tech Park (TMHT) is a business park with the focus on Marine service providers, especially in the high-tech area. The park has a special focus on internet technologies supporting the marine sector. The park covers 1,5 km2 with 800,000 m2 of office space. TMHT is part of Tianjin Binhai New Area, established in 1992, and currently hosting about 3000 companies, all together employing over 200,000 people.

The park aims to set up international collaboration and to attract foreign investments from Marine service providers, with preferably a focus on Internet technology. The senior management of the park has asked Alliance experts to assist in this process.

About Tianjin

Tianjin is one of the major cities of China, with a population of about 16 million people, located 100 km southeast of Beijing. It has its own international airport with direct flights to Tokyo, Bangkok and Singapore, and is only 1,5 hours drive from Beijing International Airport. Compared to Beijing, the city has more space, better air quality and lower costs of living. As many countries had an establishment in this ancient port city, there is a natural openness towards foreigners and an international cultural heritage.

Advantages of Tianjin Marine & High Tech Park

Firstly, TMHT has a very prominent status in the national strategy. Tianjin is the largest port and an important economic centre in North China and the internet industry in the Binhai New Area is booming. TMHT has been established to support this development, with around 100 million USD in funding. This status will ensure that the park will continue to grow and to attract new companies, thus creating a supportive ecosystem. At the opening of a new internet section in the park, directly 20 companies, with a joint value of about 1 billion USD, have become tenants.

Secondly, companies who register in TMHT will enjoy policy supports of different levels, i.e. national, Tianjin municipal, Binhai New Area’s, and TMHT. This support includes:

  • Specialized funding to support projects,
  • Strengthening market players introduction and cultivation,
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial innovation,
  • Promoting talent gathering,
  • Deepening “Internet +” program,
  • Fostering positive environment for development,
  • Strengthening financial support

The area already hosts leading enterprises such as China Electronics Corporation, 360 Group, www.toutiao.com, Sina, 58 Home, Perfect World, Tuniu.com etc., forming a well-functioning industrial foundation. Other companies active in Tianjin are Baido, Boeing, ISIP, Kylim, Tusstar, Feitong, Shell China, China Electrical Engineering Research Institute of the China Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Microelectronics of the China Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Corporation of China National Offshore Oil Corporation Tianjin Corporation (CNOOC).

There are financial incentives in place for new tenants to the park. Companies in internet related industries can get maximum 90% discount in tax (including Corporate Income Tax and VAT) in five years. In addition, the park especially set attractive policies for internet companies providing financial support in rent, HR, broadband tariff and so on.For new companies with over 30 staff, and for incubators, a 2-year rent relief for up to 2000-square-meter office space for two years is granted. For domestic and foreign well-known Internet leading enterprises which set up headquarters in the Internet industrial park, THT will give subsidy of around 150 USD per square meter for decoration with a maximum of 1,5 million USD.

On the park broadband access up to 1Gb is available. Any place in the park can be connected to the internet. The Chinese government has a regulatory system for websites that violate China’s laws and regulations. Websites don’t violate laws and regulations can be opened without restriction. Free access to VPN is available.

Since the park has been established since 1992, all facilities for working and pleasant living are in place. A full overview of all supporting initiatives can be found on http://english.tjbh.com/system/2017/03/20/030144150.shtml.

TMHT is seeking collaboration with European organisations

THMT wants to set up collaboration with other parks and clusters of Marine related companies to exchange information and insights on attracting companies, setting up an ecosystem and supporting the growth of the companies. A further step could be to set up a collaboration in order to pave the way for Western companies to China and to refer China based internet companies that want to establish themselves in Europe.

TMHT also would like speak directly with  companies that may want to establish themselves in China. The park management is interested which elements are important for these companies in determining their office location. In return, TMHT is happy to provide all kind of information about the Marine and IT landscape in China, trends and regulatory issues.

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