Creative industry in Singapore: a hub for refreshing content

Creative industry in Singapore: a hub for refreshing content

Singapore as a hub for content creation

Enter Singapore – the place of content creation


Singapore is making history, as it becomes the world’s center for content creation. Content creation is the process of generating information for use in digital media. Right now, Singapore has invested itself in this particular industry. Everywhere you look, establishments have used this business strategy to attract both local and foreign investors. Below are some of the reasons why the country’s endeavor in content creation has generated so much interest from the world.

A Global Attraction

Singapore has made quite a reputation over the years in the industry of film and television. Televisions and movie films produced have bagged several awards already in the international community. Some examples are Ilo Ilo (Chinese: 爸媽不在家) - a 2013 Singaporean family film directed by Anthony Chen that won at Cannes or ‘Days of Disaster’ produced by MediaCorp Pte Ltd Singapore that was nominated in the Best Documentary Series category at Asia Television awards, 2015. But that’s not stopping them from doing more. Singapore media industry is receiving unprecedented government support to come up with several media innovations.

A Mix of Culture

Singapore is an ideal showcase of a truly multicultural society creating a lot of opportunities generating creative ideas. Its excellent regional connectivity and proximity has resulted in heightened activities in media trade and transactions. With more perspectives and talents, ideas come into full bloom effortlessly in Singapore’s content creation sector.

Uniting the World

Because of the growing popularity of Singapore in this particular field, events and conferences are now being held in the country in an effort to unite highly skilled people in media content creation. The country hosts talent from several neighboring countries in order to share ideas and engage in proposals for investment. These events are aplenty giving rise to increased publicity and reputation and in turn, strengthen the country’s economy.

The Strong Presence

High-profile media and entertainment companies are becoming more visible than ever to the public eye. The companies are slowly capitalizing on the ASEAN market which appears to be quite promising. The media sector is generating over 3 % of GDP for the country that it’s becoming very prominent in the market and industry. This will further generate more appeal to the content creators in the world who are open to the idea of investing with the country.


Singapore has earned the reputation of being the hub for content creation and with the information provided, it’s not a wonder why anyone would make investing on content creation a business strategy. Opportunities are abound ready for anyone to take it. Only in Singapore.

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