FOODEX 2017 – Japan’s Most Famous Food & Beverage Exhibition

FOODEX 2017 - Japan's Most Famous Food & Beverage Exhibition


77,000 people at FOODEX Japan

If you are in the feed/beverage industry, unless you have been living under a stone when market entry to Japan is discussed, the name FOODEX brings a smile to many faces. It is the biggest, and some would argue the best, Food/Beverage exhibition held annually in Japan, possibly even Asia. In 2016, almost 77,000 people attended, all of whom were seriously looking for business as this is not a typical “public show”. Of those attendees, almost 9,500 were non-Japanese and 75% from nearby Asian countries. Of the 3200 booths on site, almost 2000 were by foreign companies. Referring to the FOODEX website  (  one can find additional Information, conveniently in multiple language options.

Parallel shows

There are three or four specialized shows with sub-themes that run in parallel with FOODEX on the same exhibition site. Whilst these are interesting, clients need to be careful that they don't make a booth with the minor event having less foot-traffic than the main show. Working with Alliance Experts means our clients get the local, underground knowledge and experience you will never learn from just the faceless internet site, avoiding costly frustrations after you arrive on FOODEX. Alliance Experts has attended, in a business capacity, the last two annual events.

Alliance experts can help you present yourself

Alliance Experts can provide a range of support services under our normal operating model depending on the budget and commitment customers wish to make into FOODEX. Examples of the services we provide are shown, but not limited to the below.

  1. Full support of customer to reserve, set-up and man the booth
  2. Arrange support staff such as models and translators
  3. If you aren't ready for a booth commitment, AE local staff can take clients around the event, act as translator and facilitate meetings with contacts on FOODEX.
  4. If clients can't attend in person but want market intelligence, AE local staff can prepare a research report on what competitors (Japanese and international) are doing on FOODEX by attending on the client's behalf.

The options how Alliance Experts can support the clients of food/beverage industries in FOODEX are wide-ranging. If you are interested please first contact the local Alliance Expert in your country for further discussions. Looking forward to see you in Tokyo.

Let us contact you to discuss your plans!
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