Top trade shows on food and beverage in Latin America

Top trade shows on food and beverage in Latin America

Top trade shows on food and beverage in Latin America

In Latin America, several trade shows have held that serve as a platform for exhibitors who want to display their companies and services. These trade shows open up opportunities to distribution in the food and beverage industry.

Fispal Food Service: International Food Service Trade Show

Fispal Food Service trade show will take place in Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 14-17, 2016.

This international show is open to trading visitors in the following business sectors: catering, common feeding, food, beverages, hotel, and restaurant.

The main exhibits will be on foodservice equipment and accessories, accessories and equipment for bakeries, bars and restaurants, professional equipment for kitchens, coffee machines and accessories, commercial automation, confectioners and ice cream parlor equipment, furniture and establishment design,, commercial refrigeration, decoration, disposable packaging and delivery packaging, hygiene and cleanliness standards, professional uniforms, professional utensils, gas, food safety, and commercial vehicles.

In 2014, 1400 exhibitors took advantage of Fispal Food Service as a platform to present their companies and services on a total of 48000 sqm. INFORMA EXHIBITIONS hosted the Fispal Food Service. 92% of the visiting purchase decision makers considered Fispal Food Service to be the sector's best trade show in Latin America


ALIMENTEC: International Food Fair

ALIMENTEC trade show will happen in Bogota, Columbia on June 8-11, 2016. The international trade show is biennial.

It is open to trading visitors and the public. The trade show will be especially informative to the following business sectors: food processing, food, and beverages.

The main sectors are: fresh foods, processed foods, organic foods, sweeteners, beverages and liquor, food processing equipment and machinery, packaging, raw materials, supplies, kitchenware, fittings, information technology, telecommunications, maintenance systems and supplies, financial and insurance services, entertainment, transportation, and safety supplies and services.

Last year, 28581 visitors came to update themselves on the latest trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry. Also, 356 exhibitors took the opportunity to present their companies and services.

CORFERIAS - Corporación de Ferias y Exposiciones S.A. will host the event.


Bio Brazil Fair / BIOFACH América Latina: International Trade Fair of Organic Products and Agroecology

On June 8-11, 2016, Francal Feiras e Empreendimentos Ltda. and NuernbergMesse BrasilBio will host the Brazil Fair. The trade show will take place in Pavilhão de Exposições da Bienal - Parque do Ibirapuera, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The Bio Brazil fair is a yearly event. It is the largest trade fair for organic products in Latin America and is open to the general public on the last day.

The main exhibits will include natural organic food, frozen organic food, fruits and vegetables, milk, dairy and eggs, pieces of bread, cakes and cookies, meats, juices and drinks, medicinal drinks, textiles and clothing, raw materials, certifiers, consulting firms, and publishers.

In June 2015, 122 exhibitors showcased innovations and trends in the trade show and 17669 visitors saw presentations of various companies.

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