Top trade shows on equipment and machinery in Latin America

Top trade shows on equipment and machinery in Latin America

Top trade shows on equipment and machinery in Latin America

Latin America is holding several trade shows for the year 2016. These trade shows will showcase the latest trends and developments in the equipment and machinery industry.

FIEE ELÉTRICA: International Electrical, Energy, and Automation Industry Trade Fair

International trade show FIEE ELÉTRICA will take place in Sao Paulo, April 24 - 28, 2017.

The biennial trade fair will have its main exhibits on the following business sectors: power generation, transmission and distribution, hand and power tools, electric motors, generators, accessories, welding equipment, lighting, electro/electronic equipment and components, automation, measurement and control, data processing equipment and software, telecommunications, machine tools, industrial equipment, refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation, and pollution control.

In 2013, 630 exhibitors seized the opportunity to present their companies and services at FIEE ELÉTRICA. Also, 55000 visitors came to be informed of the latest innovations and trends in their business.

FEIMAFE: International Machine Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Systems Trade Fair

FEIMAFE trade show will be on June 5-10, 2017 at Parque Anhembi, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The main exhibit sectors of the show are: machine tools, tools accessories, mechanical devices and elements, hydraulic and pneumatic components, electrical, pneumatic and manual tools, welding machinery, numerical controls, computer applications (CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM), automation systems (manipulators and robots), electrical and electronic equipment, oils and lubricants, quality control, machinery and equipment for material testing, apparatus and instruments for weighing and measuring, and control and testing devices.

The international trade show is biennial, and it is open to trading visitors.

In 2015, 1378 exhibitors and 65,559 visitors came to the trade show FEIMAFE.

MOVIMAT: International Intralogistics Trade Show

MOVIMAT will take place in Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 20-22, 2016.  

The main exhibit sectors of the show are: lifting and handling equipment, automation, storage and packaging, forklifts, transportation and logistics services, infrastructure, information technology, urban commercial vehicles.

MOVIMAT happens once a year o and is open to trade visitors.

In 2014, 200 exhibitors took advantage of the trade show to present their companies and services. Also, 30,550 visitors came to be informed of the latest innovations and trends in their businesses.

Reed Exhibitions Alcântara Machado is the trade show organizer in charge of MOVIMAT.

FEICON BATIMAT: Leading Construction Industry Event

The Feicon Batimat is a leading event in the construction industry that covers all from basic raw materials to final finishing. The next time it’s scheduled to be held is from April 4th to April 8th, 2017 at Sao Paulo Expo SP, Brazil.

This event provides contact and networking opportunities with industry suppliers, technicians, and other construction related professionals. In 2016, there were close to 2000 national and international exhibitors, who were visited by 120, 000 visitors.

The Feicon Batimat conducts product displays, technical demonstrations, product and technological announcements and launches along with other creative business prospects.

The focus of most of these trade shows is on the following business sectors: automation, robotics, manufacturing technology, production engineering, infrastructure, information technology, capital goods, and metalworking, among others.

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