North America market entry – can you afford not to be in the largest marketplace in the world?

Are you in the technology space (software / hardware / BigData / IoT / Saas etc.) and have good results in your home market? Are you looking for growth? North America is the largest market for most technology products / services and with still substantial growth in the right sectors.

Will it be easy? No. It is a tough market (and many companies fail) – but we can make the entry easier for you. And if you already have a presence – we can help you to grow faster!

Alliance experts helps you with your market entry

Alliance experts has a diverse team in the USA and Canada market, led by a seasoned executive with 25+ years of taking technology companies to market leadership. We have a structured approach to help you with all the steps needed to become successful. Regardless where you are in the process of entering the market, we support you from strategy development to managing your distribution channels.

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