Consumer trends in the food market of the Americas and Australia

Consumer trends in the food market of the Americas and Australia

Consumer trends in the food markets of the America

Consumers in America have now gotten back up from an economic low and are now the reason for the country’s economic growth. The buying habits of the people, especially the younger generation, is currently shaping the economy’s profile. The country data shown here tells us how much the food market in America's and Australia is growing.

1. USA

Consumers in the USA are shifting to healthier and better snack options. For convenience, snacks or “mini meals” that can be eaten while traveling or on the way to work or school have replaced meals taken the conventional way.

Americans have also opted for meals customized and just right for one person, as they prefer to eat alone often.

In addition, consumers have preferred allergy-friendly foods and not only for the family member that has the allergy.

2. Canada

In Canada, people are very reluctant to pay regular prices for their groceries. About 36% of all grocery sales are now purchased at a discount. Not to mention, most of these purchases are mainly influenced by health decisions.

Canadians are provided with a wide selection due to the multicultural background of retailers in the country – apparently, there appears to be a significant growth of ethnic and Asian supermarkets in Canada.

3. Brazil

Two stores in Brazil are currently heating up the battlefield of retail. The first is the small store. The small store is convenient for consumers due to a good location and providing consumers fresh products. Another retail outlet is the “cash and carry” or “atacarejo”. These are retail chains where people buy products in large quantities such as rice, beans, oil, dental cream, cleaners, and other items. Self-indulgence, wellbeing, and sophistication rolled into one to provide convenience to consumers in Brazil.

4. Australia

On the other side of the world, the people in Australia pride themselves in being the highest uptake of digital and mobile users in the world. Because of this, consumers become well informed and expect products to be in good quality and highly trusted. Because of this culture, consumers in Australia expect a lot from the products they purchase. Australians on the other hand are more cautious on where there money goes and more concerned on saving more of their earnings for retirement.

International influences in the kitchen will continue to grow, such as Japanese seaweed or African spices.  Desserts will be more savoury than sweet, and cooking over charcoal will remain popular, but will see more variety in ingredients.

5. Argentina

People in Argentina prefer to consume healthy yet flavoursome products. Another consumer trend in Argentina focuses more on function – products that are quick and easy to prepare. When it comes to shopping, people in Argentina look for special deals and offers first before buying a product. Consumers in the country want to have an enjoyable experience when it came to shopping consisting of better service and less time waiting.

The country data shown here are only a few examples of consumer trends in America and Australia, which reflect how rapidly changing, consistently and constantly, the economy is. For any retailer, this may pose as a challenge but knowing what the consumers want will give them an edge over their competition.

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