Ghana ports: investments and export opportunities

Ghana ports: investments and export opportunities

Ports investments in Ghana

Ghana’s unrelenting efforts to improve physical infrastructure, democratize its political system and create a peaceful social environment have been yielding success. The nation has managed to grab the attention of several well known international entrepreneurs who are keen on investing in all sectors of Ghana’s economy.

The various sectors that have opened up avenues for foreign investment are Agriculture, Financial services and manufacturing, ICT, Tourism, Energy and Port Infrastructure.

Let us analyze Port Infrastructure to assess the opportunities that beckon investments in Ghana’s harbor sector.

Ghana ports

Ghana has two commercial ports: Port Tema in the east and Port Takoradi in the west. Other than these two ports, an inland port near Kumasi is under construction at Boankra.

Port Tema is well equipped to house a range of cargo items ranging from steel products, vehicles, and containers to newspapers, dry bulks and bagged cargo. A separate terminal for handling crude and petroleum products has been constructed. Several quays with multipurpose berths to house a variety of products are accessible. The oil berth alone can accommodate a tanker running into 244-meters length.

Port Tema is expected to see a rapid expansion in cargo handling and will continue to grow due to trans-shipment and trans-traffic owing to the land-locked zones of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger.

Although The Takoradi port is smaller in comparison to Port Tema , it handles 60% of Ghana’s total exports including items such as minerals – manganese , bauxite and gold, timber and cocoa. This port has massive modernization plans lined for the future.

A multi-modal facility catering to both road and rail traffic is being constructed so it can act as a staging post for goods in transit – to and from landlocked countries situated in the north of Ghana.

Additional facilities at the Takoradi port

Coming back to Takoradi port, a master plan has been devised, based on potential business projections up to the year 2028. Under this plan, a host of facilities are being added, hiking up the estimated cost of this project to USD 650 million. The facilities that will prove to value add are:

  •    Paved operating areas
  •    Conveyors for clinker, bauxite, and manganese
  •    Railroads
  •    Container yard
  •    Breakwater extension
  •    Cargo handling equipment

Fishing harbour at the Tema port

One of Ghana’s main fishing harbors lies in the east of Tema. Another one is located at Sekondi while a few smaller ones can be found at Elmina and Mumford.

The Tema Fishing Harbor is well equipped with mooring for twenty vessels, a 100 meter-long net repairing wharf, two fishing handling sheds and a lay-by jetting (155 meters with berths to accommodate over 50 wooden vessels).

Ship repairing dock

Port Tema also acts as the prime center of ship repairs with facilities for dry docking, steel fabrication, general engineering, met lock repairs and non –destructive testing.

Port investments in Ghana are varied and specialized. For detailed information on market specifics, detailed market research can be obtained from professional alliance agencies.


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