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Sell your cosmetics brand in Europe: our specialized team gets you started

With cosmetics it’s all about the brand… You may have perfect or exclusive ingredients in your cremes or shampoos, but if you can’t translate this in a promise of youth, luxury or delight then it will be hard to penetrate any market.

We understand your ambitions and unlock growth for your beauty company

In cosmetics and fragrances, marketing for the masses is history, with so many cosmetics on the market, you will have to find (or create!) your own niche. The best place to start is of course your home market, because you will be able to adapt quickly and to see which strategy works for your brand. But if you consider a next step, Europe offers many opportunities. Our business development specialists can show the best chances for you on the European lifestyle, beauty and cosmetics market.

Meet our team of cosmetics specialists

Judith de Leede

Judith de Leede is active throughout Europe for consumer brands from all over the world. Do you want to know what she can do for your brand? Contact her now! Judith is an inspiring and professional expert who will guide your product to the right markets with a lot of enthusiasm and empathy. She has a passion for sales and retail and has a large network of international business development specialists, agents and distributors. She has a background in sales management and export and understands like no other how markets constantly change and how the retail landscape constantly needs new impulses and ideas.

Nadya Mamet

Nadya Mamet is an experienced Marketing and Sales professional of Russian nationality. Making fast career progress she obtained unique international business experience in both FMCG and Consumer Electronics businesses. She also dedicated few years of her career to commercial department of retail start-up company that was named “Start-up of the year” by Forbes Russia. Thus, she has developed network in both vendor-companies and retail sector.

We help you increase your chances for success!

Of course your product is crucial, and your marketing efforts should be there. What we can do is to increase your chances for success. For example by doing focused market research for you and by advising you on your positioning. And to select the distributors that seem to be a good match with you. Just contact one of our cosmetics team members, or our colleague in your home country.

Please contact me to help me sell my products abroad!
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