Ricoh: Targeting new markets through a partnerships network

Ricoh: Targeting new markets through a network of partnerships


Ricoh recognised that the sale of printers and photocopiers would steadily yield less revenue. Competitors were driving the prices down, and businesses have increasingly less need for printing. That is why the company also wanted to focus on the supply and maintenance of complete office automation solutions. However, they had only a limited amount of the required knowledge available in-house.

In a project of over one year, Alliance experts assisted Ricoh Netherlands with the entire process from service development to roll-out. This required selecting new technology partners as well as involving the existing distribution partners.

Hans Vloemans, CFO Ricoh Netherlands: "Alliance experts made a significant contribution to the implementation of a project of strategic importance to Ricoh. They continually pushed and pulled in order to achieve the objectives. At the same time they helped to find partners for the project and to set up the partnership."

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