Discover the Danish and Swedish retail market on both sides of the bridge

Discover the Danish and Swedish retail market on both sides of the bridge

Retail trade mission to Copenhagen and Malmö from 4 to 6 April 2018

Discover the Danish and Swedish retail market on both sides of the famous Copenhagen-Malmö bridge. Experience doing cross border business, get an impression of the Scandinavian market and learn more about the most important principles and practices of export to Scandinavia. This compact trade mission includes:

  • Store visits in Copenhagen and Malmö
  • Presentations about the Danish and Swedish retail market
  • Tailor made advice about the export approach that suits your company
  • Customised meetings with the potential alliance partners or distributors

About Denmark and Sweden

Sweden and Denmark are excellent examples of good markets for international retail products, food and beverage companies. Not only because Scandinavian countries have a long tradition of importing products, but also because they enjoy a good reputation in choosing high-quality products and selecting high-quality companies to trade with.

Opportunities in Denmark

There are 5.6 million Danes with a relatively high income ($ 45,600) and thanks to their membership of the EU the Danish Krone is linked to the Euro. Danish entrepreneurs appreciate international brands and are very open to new and high-quality products. They are known as 'first movers' and 'early adapters'. In addition, Danes are very receptive to high-quality, healthy and environmentally-friendly products. On top of that, Denmark forms a natural springboard to Scandinavia.

Opportunities in Sweden

The Swedes are known as wealthy trendsetters, sophisticated consumers and passionate, smart shoppers. Because they spend an average of 40 percent of their disposable income in (online or offline) stores, international retailers are very interested in this market. The figures and facts speak for themselves: Sales figures in the retail trade have grown steadily over the past two decades. Rising incomes, relatively rapid population growth (with a large influx of (highly skilled) migrants) and a robust economy create a low-risk environment that forms a solid platform for expansion of retail.

The largest metropolitan regions of Scandinavia are among the most prosperous in Europe and have the third highest incomes in the EU. The Scandinavian consumer is also trend sensitive and has a curiosity about international brands and products. Also, Scandinavian entrepreneurs welcome concepts that add diversity. The fact that Northern Europe has four different seasons creates a need for a wide range of products and services, allied to domestic and relaxing activities. Fashion, home improvement and outdoor activities, sports and other healthy pursuits are all popular products and services. In short: there are opportunities in the entire range of shopping segments - from jewelry and sports equipment to electronics and entertainment.

E-commerce opportunities

The percentage of Nordic residents aged 18–79 years who made purchases online during an average month in was 62% last year. Nordic consumers estimated that they made online purchases totalling EUR 21.86 billion. The percentage of Nordic consumers’ online purchases made from foreign retailers was 25%. E-commerce accounts for 36% of Nordic retail sales and offers major growth opportunities. Options for international retailers vary from own locations, acquisitions of, capital investments in or cooperation with Scandinavian retail and consumer goods companies. Sweden is often seen as a stepping stone to trade with the other Scandinavian countries.

Business culture in Scandinavia

Are you considering doing business in Scandinavia or trading with Denmark and / or Sweden? Scandinavians are responsible business people and appointments are often scheduled weeks in advance. That way they have the time to prepare for business matters. They also expect this from their trading partner: if you want to do business in Scandinavia, it is advisable to bring business cards, brochures and a clear presentation. During the presentation Scandinavians will be mainly interested in facts, numbers and graphs. Because often many people are involved in the decision making process, it can take a long time before a a decision is made.


The mission will take place from Wednesday, April 4 to Friday, April 6, 2018. The preliminary program is as follows:

Day Activities
Wednesday 4 April 2018

The program starts at noon at Copenhagen Airport, you can arrange your own flights. From here we go to the city centre of Copenhagen.

  • Orientation on business opportunities and Danish retail trends
  • Discovering Danish needs and strengthening your sales arguments.
  • Checking your product and marketing material: are they suitable for Denmark?
  • Visiting potential end users or retailers and taking a look at the competition

Transfer to Malmö – Sweden, overnight stay there

Thursday 5 April 2018
  • Orientation on business opportunities and Swedish retail trends
  • Discovering local needs and strengthening your sales arguments for Sweden
  • Visiting potential end users or retailers and taking a look at the competition
  • Checking your product and marketing material: are they suitable for Sweden?
  • Individual matchmaking with potential Swedish business partners.

Overnight stay in Malmö

Friday 6 april 2018

Check out, transfer to Copenhagen

  • Individual matchmaking with potential Danish business partners
  • Prepare the next steps for your export plan together with the guides of Alliance expert

End of the afternoon we provide a transfer from Copenhagen airport so you can take your flight back from there.

Travel information

You can go to Copenhagen (Københavns Lufthavne Kastrup) on your own; check KLM, Scandinavia Airlines or Norwegian Air International. Transport to and from Malmö will be taken care of by Alliance experts. We spend the night in Malmö, where hotel prices are lower than in Copenhagen. Check for example Radisson Blu, Scandic, Hotel Garden, Clarion, Comfort Hotel, or Moment Hotel.

About the individual matchmaking

A trade mission is an excellent opportunity to establish first contacts with local business partners. These can be potential customers, distributors, suppliers or research and development partners. About a month before the mission, we will do an intake to find out what kind of interlocutors are interesting for you. Based on the given information, during the mission we will put you in touch with a number of them, or we will organize a group presentation with interested parties.


The organizational costs for this mission plus the costs of individual matchmaking are 1500 euros per company (max. 2 persons per company) excl. VAT. On top of that you pay for your own travel and accommodation expenses. Transport from Copenhagen to Malmö and back will be organized and paid for by Alliance experts.

Information and registration

Alliance experts organizes this mission and also helps you with your export plans before and after the mission. For more information, please contact Judith de Leede on 06-19476009 or email [email protected].

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