Our retail team gets your consumer goods distributed abroad

Our retail team gets your consumer goods distributed abroad

If you manufacture consumer products, and your market growth in your home country is limited, it may be wise to look abroad. But starting business in a new country requires that you know the market and be there. The Alliance experts retail team can help you to set up your distribution quickly. We have proven that we can!

If you export is still limited...

In case you want to start with export, or your current sales abroad is limited, then we can help you organise everything that you have to take care of. This starts with a good marketing plan for the country where you want to go. And of course a business case, since you may need to invest in slotting fees, advertising and service providers like us. We can act as your country manager, but part-time and locally based. Read more...

If you already export to many countries

We can help you fill up the blank spots on your world map. Since we are active in over 40 countries, we can help you find the right distributors or retailers there and directly bring you into contact with the right decision maker.

Meet our team of retail specialists

Douglas Chew, based in Shenzhen, China:

  1. Developed Arabica brand of instant coffee for China market, distributed to Walmart and Carrefour (American trademark and produced in Singapore)
  2. Developed UHT milk brand Naturamil, distributed to Ole, Bravo, City Super (Australian OEM brand, Australian produced)
  3. Distributed Teavo Tea into China
  4. Distributed Love Bite chocolate into China

Collin Chee, based in Singapore:

Collin was based in Medan, Indonesia, from 2009 to 2015, as Marketing Manager, to set up a marketing department from scratch in PT Alamjaya Wirasentosa to work with 20 principles. His marketing team was responsible for purchase, market analysis, business development and  customer relationship. In total this were 40 products with 600 sku send across Alamjaya’s Sumatra 33,000 registered outlets. He worked closely with principles' representatives and supported Alamjaya's 40 warehouses in Sumatra and Aceh. Some of the popular companies and fast moving products that Alamjaya work with are Indofood group (Indomie/Bimoli/Chitatos, etc...) , Arnotts, 3M, Baygon, Bagus and Ladaku.

Stefano Ghetti, based in Rome, Italy

Paolo Palomba, based in Milan, Italy

Nadya Mamet, based in Moscow, Russia

We help you increase your chances for success!

Of course your product is crucial, and your marketing efforts should be there. What we can do is to increase your chances for success. For example by doing focused market research for you and by advising you on your positioning. And to select the distributors that seem to be a good match with you. Just contact one of our retail team members, or our colleague in your home country.

Please contact me to help me sell my products abroad!


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