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Your international trade consultant active in over 30 countries

Video-conferencingFinding and managing agents, distributors, channel partners or manufacturers from a distance works to a certain extent, but sometimes you really need to be abroad to make sure everything works out right. With restricted air travel and hardly any trade shows, it is good to have an alternative.

Your trusted ears and eyes abroad

Alliance experts offers you this alternative. We have experienced business developers in over 30 countries, on all five continents. They can do store checks, shipment inspections, inform you on local circumstances or chase after unpaid invoices. And with your briefing they can also visit prospects or clients on your behalf, search for new distributors or suppliers.

Our people only have your interest in mind. We don’t engage in any trade, we are not middle men, we are a temporary extension of your team. Our colleagues know each other personally, so for example if you are based in France, and you want to have something done in Taiwan, you just call our colleague Arnaud d’Halluin in Paris. He will then involve our colleague Chensen Chung near Taipei, and set up a video-conference with you and him for a briefing.

All the work we do for you will have the following structure:

  • Based on your request, we will give a first estimate of the time involved.
  • If this is ok, we will set up a video-conference with you to brief our local colleague.
  • We will do the work that is needed.
  • We will give you a written report on our activities and the results.

We also have standardized approaches and packages for country comparison, export development or international sourcing.

We are active in over 30 countries

Our business developers are present in over 30 countries. They live there, speak the language, know the culture and can effectively represent you on the spot. Does this sound interesting? Just contact one of our colleagues close to you, you will find them on the left, or for a full overview click here.

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