Stock retrieval from Iran for a watch distributor

Stock retrieval from Iran for a watch distributor

R2 Trade is an owner and a distributor of brand watches (Albert Riele, Bergstern, Aztorin, Elixa, AM:PM) which also offers jewelry on a B2B model, including individually designed pieces. The company has two HQs – one in Switzerland and one in Poland. 

First stage: checking options

In order to appraise the possibility of successful re-exportation, management of R2 Trade wanted to receive a report on all the legal re-exportation options, all related procedures and 3-d parties involved. Alliance experts studied all the legal options in Iran and provided detailed report and project plan. The project plan included few main parts related to the legal side (agreements, documents), distribution (product preparation) and re-exportation itself.

Second stage: bringing the merchandise back

The project was very challenging mostly because Iranian distributor of R2 Trade refused to collaborate on normal basis. Alliance experts took part as mediators and helped a client to get through all project stages. Alliance experts consultant in Iran achieved outstanding results:

  • Solved the dispute between R2 Trade and distributor without application to Iranian court
  • Solved all custom issues and helped with goods’ repatriation process from Iran to Poland


As a result, product was safely returned to Europe. R2 Trade and Alliance experts continue to collaborate in other countries.

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