Pijlhove Medical: market expansion with innovative financing

Pijlhove Medical: partners for innovative financing help expand the market


Pijlhove Medical is a distributor for Rowa Technologies. Rowa makes robots that relieve pharmacists of all the work involved in storing away and dispensing medicines. These robots require an investment of some 200,000 euros, which the pharmacist recovers through a fixed remuneration per dispensed medicine box.

It turned out that pharmacists viewed this investment as a considerable risk, as they did not know how much medicine they would be dispensing over the coming years. Normal fixed-term financing was already available, but this did not solve the problem. A financing to be paid back per dispensed box would be much more attractive. This was easy to arrange for Pijlhove Medical: they could monitor precisely how many movements each robot makes, and they were moreover familiar with the market for second-hand robots.

Alliance experts went in search of financiers who were willing to work according to this method. Many were reluctant, but in the end we found two who agreed. As a result, Pijlhove Medical and Rowa now have an added advantage over their competitors.

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