Molarclean: distributor search in the Netherlands for toothbrushes

Molarclean: distributor search in the Netherlands, branding against a global leader

Molarclean brushes

Molarclean is a UK company who has been manufacturing replacement toothbrush heads since 2011. The company has an e-commerce website and also supplies UK retailers / wholesale. Before we started the project in 2019, they were selling approximately 2 million brush heads per year. They have worked with retailers such as Boots, Home Bargains, B&M Bargains, Poundworld, Poundstretcher and Savers (from AS Watson Group).

Molarclean’s most popular products, the Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads, are sold for 66% less than the recommended retail price of Oral-B. Molarclean produces with excellent quality and has a trusted reputation. Molarclean works with and are currently rated excellent with a 9.3 out of 10 rating by over 2000 customers.

Molarclean is looking to expand into Europe and Northern America and working with more retailers / wholesalers. MolarClean aims to be as successful in these countries as it is in the UK, and fill the gap between private labels and the single world leading global brand.

Alliance experts assisted MolarClean with starting their first export, by searching for suitable distribution candidates in the Netherlands. We also contacted the retailers: supermarket, health / beauty shops, discounters and e-commerce specialists. During meetings in the Netherlands at the premises of three distributors, the distributors showed to be seriously interested in doing business together, and plans were made for next steps.

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