Let Alliance experts be the export partner for your members

Doing business internationally is increasingly important. Depending on the country and industry, 10 to 30% of incorporated businesses is active abroad, either with sourcing or with sales. Chances are high that your business organisation also has a considerable amount of members with international challenges.

Alliance experts helps companies to boost their export. We are active in over 30 countries, which means that we can give independent advice on where to go and how to business internationally in a successful way.

We work with local chambers of commerce, industry organisations and business networks

We have the in-depth knowledge on import and export, you want to provide value to your members. If we can work together, there can be a win-win for both of us.

We’re not just asking for referrals, we want to invest in our relationship so that you can make the membership of your organisation more valuable. What we can do is the following:

  • Providing dedicated content for your newsletters and website. This can be about export subsidies, about an interesting trade show or the developments in a neighbouring country for an industry segment that your members are active in. We can manage the export section of your website or you can borrow from our over 400 export articles that we have on our website.
  • High-quality courses or workshops about exports, e.g. on how to budget and finance your exports, or how to benchmark and manage your distributors. If there is specific interest in one of the 30 countries that we are active in, we can set up a webinar or video-connection with our specialist there.
  • Being your center of expertise, that members can call with their questions on international business. We’ll start with a trail, to learn about the interest in such a service and the type of questions. Later we’ll make an agreement to which extend such a service is free, or will be paid for by you or your members.

Our products can be your products

We can help you extend your service offering to your members in an easy way:

  • With our Export Readiness scan, that you can use to select the members that are positioned the best for export and give them valuable feedback.
  • Offering useful products, such as our Market Verification Check, with a special member discount or under your name. 
  • Once a year we make a proposal for a trade mission for your members, with a preliminary program, so that you can promote this and check the interest with your members.

In case you actively want to promote our services, we can also discuss a referral fee.

Contact us for more information

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