Circassia: finding distributors for medical devices in Brazil

Circassia: finding distributors for medical devices in Brazil

Circassia is a specialty pharmaceutical company from United Kingdom focused on respiratory disease. Its market-leading NIOX® products are used by specialists around the World to aid asthma diagnosis and management. NIOX® is sold directly in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany and Italy. NIOX® products are also supplied in many other countries through our international network of partners.

Alliance experts helped Circassia to identify potential partners in Brazil.

First stage: market assessment

Alliance experts team in Brazil prepared a report elaborated from desk research as well as local contacts in the industry. It was confirmed by Alliance experts that NIOX® products have very high potential in Brazilian market. Also 24 potential partners were identified. Circassia management conducted detailed analysis of the report and chose some very promising companies for continuous follow-up.

Second stage: finding distributors

Alliance experts consultants in Brazil organized an interview with Key Opinion Leader that confirmed that the channel was chosen correctly. Afterwards Alliance experts team contacted chosen companies, presented NIOX® line up and an opportunity to collaborate with Circassia on Brazilian market. It resulted to 5 short-listed companies those expressed interest to meet and discussed collaboration with Circassia in Brazil.

Result: on the way to sales

Alliance experts team in Brazil introduced regional manager of Circassia to potential partners and helped to organize video conferences. Next step agreed is the visit of a regional manager to Brazil for face to face meetings. Circassia and Alliance experts continue to collaborate on new projects in other countries.


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