Find your distributor abroad with the Singapore MRA grant

Go abroad to increase your sales

Are you looking for more turnover and can’t find it in Singapore? Going abroad may be an attractive option to increase your sales. Whether it is nearby markets in the ASEAN region or China or other high-end markets in Australia, the Middle East, Japan, Europe or the US, if you have the right product or service the demand will be a multiple of Singapore.

Once you have selected a country, you will have to set up your sales and distribution. An agent or distributor can help you with that. How to find the right one?

Alliance experts helpt you to select the right agent or distributor within 6 to 8 weeks.

Alliance experts helps companies with selecting the right agent or distributor for their exports. We are based in Singapore and we have colleagues in over 30 countries around the world, on all continents.

We have a clear  approach to help you select the right partner. First we sit down together to draft a partnering profile in which we make clear what kind of partner would bring you the most success and what you have to offer. Our colleague in your target country will then compose a list of 15 to 20 possible partners, and approach them to see whether they are keen in working with you. This will mostly result in a short list of 3 to 5 companies.

We will help you plan you trip so that you can come over and visit these 3 to 5 companies in a short timespan. Thus we help save you travel time and costs. We will accompany you on the first meeting and help you select one partner to start negotiations with. We will be involved to smoothen the process. After the negotiations we will follow up with the partner until your product or services are sold in the market.

Cover 70% of your costs with the MRA grant, you only pay 30%

Is your company headquartered in Singapore and is your turnover is less than 100 million SGD per year? Then you can make use of Enterprise Singapore’s MRA grant and get 70% of your costs reimbursed.

Our full package of 28,000 SGD to get you the right partner will then only cost you 8,400 SGD.

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