Find the right distributors or agents abroad with our export developers

Export development
Starting in a new market is a challenge, even if your company already has extensive export experience. Alliance experts is active in over 30 countries with local experts, who know the market, know the culture and speak the language. They support your export team in entering a new market with less risks, less hassle and much faster.

Your personal export developer

One of our team will serve as your local export developer, who will set up your distribution channels, get your sales going and expand your coverage. You can see him or her as a part-time employee, for a few months or for longer.

Agents or distributors that really sell

If you already have a proven offering and your export processes are in place, we will help you apply it in new countries. Agents or distributors, dealers or franchisees are essential to get exposure in the market. We will not only find them, but also make sure they will sell for you. This is what our local export developers typically will do:

Month 1-3 Preparing a market verification report and entry strategy
Compiling a long-list of potential partners
Finding at least three interested and suitable agents or distributors
Month 4-6 Joining you in the first calls with potential partners
Working to a contract and first order
Setting up local distributor management
Month 7-9 Finding more distribution channels
Additional business development and public relations
Channel target setting and management

If necessary we can intensify our activities to get faster results. We will have monthly calls with you to discuss our progress and align with your goals.

Getting more out of existing partners

Some markets may be tougher than others, but eventually the sales results depend on the activity of your local partners. How much time and money do they spend on promoting your goods or services? Are they eager to do business development and increase their market share? This is also where our local export developers can play an intermediate role between your company and your partners. To get from polite answers to real answers and from excuses to sales.

More cost-efficient than hiring your own staff

You can see us as the temporary and part-time extension of your team. Hiring us gives the following benefits:

  • We are short-term available and productive from day 1
  • No need to set up an office abroad and hire somebody full time
  • No search agency fees and training costs

Also see our article: what are the real costs of an export manager?

You will pay us on monthly basis or we will define a clear scope of work and charge a project fee. Please note that a partner search may range from € 5,000 to € 20,000 based on the country and what you want to sell there.  We are no agents or distributors ourselves, and we never work on a commission basis only. There is always a payment term at the project start, to ensure your commitment and ours.

We would be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal. Just contact one of our team members, or use the button below and let us contact you!

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Team and experience

We work in three person teams around your case, one in or near your home country who speaks your language, the export developer in your target country, and we also have a colleague join the team with expertise in your industry.

We have experience in food, fast moving consumer goods, electronics, interior design, clothing and apparel, but also in B2B services, architecture, education and technology, even in small niches. We worked for major clients like Harley Davidson, Wella, Würth and Alsafi Danone, as well as for a large range of medium-sized enterprises, all around the world. See more of our reference projects here.