Global exports and defining the global export market

Global exports is kind of international trade whereby goods and services manufactured or produced in one nation are shipped to other nations for future trade or sale. The product is produced in a specific country and exported to one or more nations. The sale of such goods adds to the producing country’s gross output. If used for trade, global exports are interchanged for other products or services in other countries.

The global export market for any company is by definition the complete world market except for the home country. This obviously contains a wide range of countries, and entering each of these countries requires investment. So how to select the best countries?

Initial country selection

If you want to export, then you need to know what drives the sales of your products or services. For trainings on cybersecurity, you may have to look at the countries with the biggest IT industry. For hearing aids, the countries with the most ageing population are relevant.

Typically you should look for the markets where your product category or the demand for your services is growing. This provides the best chances for newcomers. Or you should have an ‘unfair competitive advantage’, that others can’t copy easily.

With general country data, which is for example available in the World Bank database or websites like Trademap, you can find information to make a first selection of a few countries that may look promising. In our whitepaper we provide you with more tools.

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