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Season’s greetings: if you can’t travel, we will do it for you!

2020 was a year where we all felt ‘grounded’ and missed the personal contact that is so essential. In order to give you the feeling that you still saw something of the world, we have asked our export developers in over 30 countries to send in their favourite winter landscape.

Singapore Orchard Road
Made by Zhang Wenjie, under Creative Commons license,

Japan, near the mountainsMade by unknown artist, under Creative Commons 2.0,

New York, Central ParkMade by Diego Torres Silvestre under Creative Commons 2.0,

St. Petersburg, Blagoveshchenskiy bridgeMade by Olga under Creative Commons license 2.0:

St-Germain-en-Laye, France

Amsterdam, canalsMade by Yeray Díaz Zbida under Creative Commons 2.0 license,

Sydney, Harbour bridgeMade by Raj Singh under Creative Commons 2.0 licence,

We wish you happy holidays and a successful 2021

And we would love to give you a clear picture of the business opportunities and the potential contacts for you in the countries where we are active. Just contact one of our team members.

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Buying and sourcing from USA. What to import and how to procure?

Buying and sourcing from USA. What to import and how to procure?

find distributor united states

The United States: promising but competitive

Being the largest economy in the world, the US has a significant influence on the global market. With a big consumption market, diverse culture, and a developed economic system, the US is a tempting destination for many international businesses. Diversity is characteristic of the US market.
How to find the right supplier and how to ensure that you get what you want, without any problems? Follow these guidelines for success.

Buying something and sourcing is something different

Buying something is mostly easy, if you know the supplier already. Sourcing is the process of finding the right supplier, who can either be a manufacturer, importer or distributor. And sourcing is all about getting the right pricing and delivery conditions.

Have a good procurement strategy in place

Procurement is the overall process of sourcing and buying (or purchasing). You should have a process in place, to optimise the balance between the effort in finding the right sources and negotiating a lower price, and the pricing itself. Typically for larger purchases, it makes sense to do a broad search and, especially where it comes to searches abroad, to hire somebody to do the sourcing for you.

Select the right manufacturers and double check

Before you start ordering complex products or large quantities, make sure that you check your source. If you don't go there yourself, then send somebody trusted, preferably who understands the local language and knows the local situation.

Check the export and import procedures

Import duties can limit the financial advantage of sourcing abroad. And customs formalities can further increase shipping times. Therefore check in advance whether the country that you are planning to source from and the applicable duties.

Alliance experts can help you find the right supplies abroad

Alliance experts is a global network of business development specialists. We are active in all important economies around the globe and meet many manufacturers and trading companies. With our international team we can relatively easy look for suppliers abroad who can provide you with a unique product features or a lower cost price.


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Mohammad Abuawwad: export specialist with Alliance experts

Mohammed Abuawwad is an experienced international business developer, He was born in Saudi Arabia, and relocated to Palestine since 2004, and He has over nine years of work experience in multinational corporations in China, USA, Africa and Middle East. He has occupied positions in the fields of Telecommunication (Sales Operations), FMCG (Business Development), Export & Import and General Trading (Operations and supply chain management).

Mohammad is capable to achieve and manage objectives, goals, strategies and future plans and able to deliver the targets and building a solid organization to ensure the sustainability of growth and profits for the companies he works with.

He is skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Strategic Planning, and Business Process Improvement.

He holds a B.A degree in Contemporary Business Administration from Palestine Polytechnic University. Mohammad speaks Arabic, English (Fluently) and French (Limited working proficiency)

You can contact Mohammad by email or by phone: +972 56-841-2000

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