Business Orientation Visit: determine how to sell your products or services abroad

Business Orientation Visit: determine the best way how to sell your products or services abroad


If you haven't done business before in a specific country, and you want to start selling, working with us always begins with a business orientation visit. You come over and our local specialist will guide you around, arrange meetings with retailers or end-users and useful organisations. During these two days you learn more about the market and together we will draft a market entry plan.

Two-day Business Orientation Visit
Based on this visit, or your previous business experience, you can choose a sales strategy:
Work with an agent or distributor or joint venture partner. For many SME’s, this is the most suitable option. Your risks will be limited, and still you can have your local presence.

Sell online, at least if your product or service is suitable for it. We can help you with your local marketing, product translations and serve as your local office for questions and returns.

Set up your own local sales. We can help you with selecting locations and hiring staff. We can also do your local business development and manage a call center or sales events for you.

Meet with prospective clients and distributors

During a business orientation visit the focus is on getting new insights. If you have retail products, we bring you to retailers and consumers. For business-to-business offerings we let you meet prospective clients or advisors. If you want to sell online, we bring you into contact with fulfilment platforms and marketing agencies. We will accompany you to the meetings and help you analyse the meetings.

Typically a program would look like this:

Day 1:

  • Showing you the business environment and highlighting local trends in your industry.
  • Getting an in-depth understanding of your offering and unique selling points.
  • Review of your product and marketing materials: are they suitable for the country?
  • Visiting potential clients, end-users or retailers, and having a look at the competition.

Day 2:

  • Meeting with some parties who can play a role in the distribution. Please note this is for orientation only, in a later stage we can do a full distributor search.
  • Discussing the best approach to enter the market.
  • Preparing next steps together.

Our local specialist will have a call with you in advance to learn more about your plans and to see what program would give you the most insights.

All logistics are taken care of

We design the trip together with you, based on your preferences, and help you with hotel bookings.  We pick you up from the airport or your hotel, guide you around and take care of translations, which is very necessary in countries like France, Italy, Turkey, Iran, China and Japan. We also help you with your visa application if necessary and with local transportation.

Give yourself a head start!

We see visiting the country as an essential start for any type of market entry that we support you in. We always advice to invest in a market only if you have been there personally and tested your product or service. Only then you can make a choice for finding an agent or distributor, online export through e-commerce, or setting up your own sales.

The prices for our two-day business orientation visit differ per country:

USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore USD 4,000
Western Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia USD 3,000
China, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Jordan USD 2,000
Poland, Russia, Iran, Thailand, India USD 1,500

For other countries and extension to more days please contact one of our consultants! The prices are only for our preparation and guidance, you can book your flight and hotel yourself.

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