Optimise the profitability of your export

Optimise the profitability of your export

Optimise your export profit

Are you getting the most out of your international activities? And is your export a controlled and cost-efficient process? Our services can help you increase your profitability.

Check your portfolio of countries

Country selection starts with knowing the drivers for your sales. This can be spending power, ageing, internet penetration or urbanisation can be other factors. Presenting country data in a different way can show you which countries are the hidden gems, or which should be disregarded.

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Activate your distributors and agents

Some markets may be tougher than others, but eventually the sales results depend on the activity of your local partners. How much time and money do they spend on promoting your goods or services? Are they eager to do business development and increase their market share?

You'll only get a clear answer on these questions if there is an open discussion with somebody they trust. If that is not you or your export manager, then is makes sense to hire a local distribution specialist. He or she can also distinguish the real problems from the fake stories, and together with your business partner define and monitor a path for growth.

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Explore e-commerce and online lead generation

You may be thinking: our contracts with our agents or distributors don't allow that. This may be the case, but still it is useful to explore new sales channels. In the long run you may be able to shift to other channels or find a way together with your current distributors to use them.

E-commerce can especially be useful for specialty products, the 'long tail'. When products are ordered at the source, your factory, you can customise the product itself or the packaging, thus adding value to the product. Your distributor's outlets can become pickup points.


Work with local part-time country managers

If you export to many countries, your export managers will be traveling a lot. Dividing their time over multiple countries is a necessity, as often it is not economical to hire a dedicated liaison for every country. However, this has two major disadvantages:

  • Export managers may spend up to 30% of their time on travel, and travel costs make them expensive employees
  • An export manager can never master the culture of each of the countries he is active in, and his limited presence makes doing business effectively difficult.

The alternative is to work with local, part-time country managers. Alliance experts offers these services, and in many cases this is cheaper than working with export managers. A part-time local country manager can be right on the business when necessary, and can travel once or twice per year to headquarters, in order to align with your other employees.


Use our troubleshooting service

If you have a problem with one of your distributors or agents, it always helps if a local person mediates on your behalf. We can see through all excuses, formalities, cultural differences and advise you what to do. This way you get your invoice paid quicker, for example...

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