Optimise your profit with our business case tool and local support

Optimise your profit with our business case tool and local support

Business case

How much sales do you expect from a new market that you want to enter? How much do you need to invest for market research, setting up sales channels, arranging logistics and for new business development? What does this mean for your cash flow and pay-back time?

Do our business case check

Alliance experts has developed a business case check to help you estimate your investments and additional margin. This gives a clear picture of your payback time in relation to the risks you will be taking. The outcomes will help to convince your board or your shareholders to go or not to go. This will give you a sound basis and a well specified budget for your market entry.

Distribution agreements and negotiations

The deal that you close with a new agent or distributor strongly influences your profitability. If you know the feeling that as a foreigner you always pay more than a local, then our negotiation support may be helpful.

Alliance experts has both the knowledge of the culture and a structured approach to get to an agreement in which all important points are covered. For each type of partnership we have checklist and questionnaires. This way you won't forget any important points.

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Outsource country management or regional management to us

The best way to stimulate your agent or distributor to concentrate on your sales is to visit him frequently and take his concerns seriously. On the other hand you also want to keep an eye on customer satisfaction, complaints or overall service.

Typically an export manager visits a country a few times a year to meet your local representative. Within a few days it is hard to come to a close collaboration, and especially with time zone differences it may be hard to stay in touch.

Alliance experts has experienced business development manager all around the world. We can do your country management on a part-time basis, acting as your local office and representative towards agents or distributors. See our article What are the real costs of an export manager and contact us for a proposal.

Use our troubleshooting service

If you have a problem with one of your distributors or agents, it will always help if a local person mediates on your behalf. We can see through all excuses, formalities, cultural differences and advise you what to do. This way you get your invoice paid quicker, for example...

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