Ravi Tilekar

Ravi Tilekar has worked in the area of business development, consulting and also in the area of supply chain operations. He has worked exclusively in the Warehousing, Logistics and Automotive sectors.

Ravi has a deep understanding about market research as he started his carreer with working for Japanese clients involved in core automotive, plant manufacturing, semiconductor and automotive software.

Later he joined core automotive logistics functions where he has hands on experience in working with esteemed clients like Volkswagen, General Motors and Mercedes and has won appreciations and laureates for streamlining logistics processes.

Ravi has a good understanding about processes and supply and demand fulfilment alongside plant logistics and transportation.

Working as an entrepreneur, Ravi has handled many project roll outs in sales distribution and brand endorsing for clients from Europe right from toys to complex machineries and utility items. This also means a flexibility and accommodative approach in dealing with different cultures.

Coming from core operations and with solid hands on experience in sales Ravi looks forward to add significant value to his client business.

Based in: Pune 🇮🇳

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