Alan Abeberry

Alan Abeberry is based in Biarritz, France. He has a background as sales manager in China and speaks fluent Chinese. In China, Alan dealt with intercultural management with his China team, selling to international customers. Alan is knowledgeable about Chinese philosophies which are a necessary key to understand, work and sell to Chinese people. His consulting has a philosophy background which helps personal development as much as finding trustful sourcing or organizing heart speaking marketing to China.

Alan worked as Chinese sale manager for French luxury hotels with excellent results : he is experienced in the hospitality industry. He has a strong network in China which he uses to help Alliance experts’ clients to find reliable partners there.

China and Asia are key points in our world’s economy. Clients who want to sell in Asia or to source reliable providers can trust Alan’s network and consulting. Alan’s knowledge about China and Asia opens the door to the economy’s future for Alliance experts’ clients.

Based in: Biarritz 🇫🇷

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