Tomislav Milovanović

Tomislav Milovanovic is based in Serbia (Belgrade) and has graduated Economics majoring in business management. Tomislav  has many years of experience in business management, import, export, distribution, retail and marketing. He is an exceptional connoisseur of the automotive and FMCG sector in the area former Yugoslavia: Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Tomislav has extensive entrepreneurial experience and understanding of market needs, and for his clients he provides market research, marketing support, business matchmaking and sourcing services. For those interested to locate production in Serbia, he can provide you with all the necessary help for any investment and help with obtaining subsidies and all the benefits provided by the goverment.

Tomislav Milovanović is always open to new business ideas and his motto is: Business is learned your whole lifetime.

Sitz in: Belgrade 🇷🇸

Tomislav Milovanovic
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