Hydrologic is a research and consultancy firm of around 30 experts in the field of water management, mainly working for municipalities and other government organisations, with their own software solution. Alliance experts helped them to set out their internationalization strategy.

Hydronet platform as the basis

In recent years they developed a the price-winning Hydronet platform with a large number of applications to map, present and predict rainfall, flooding, drought, etc. The Dutch market of municipal authorities and polder board is already served to a large extent and growth has to be sought abroad.

Collaboration as market entry strategy

Alliance experts assisted Hydrologic with setting up a collaboration strategy. The number of applications will be expanded by making the platform and the data accessible to other developers as well. Distributors will be sought internationally to sell the applications, coupled to their own consultancy services. Alliance experts and Hydrologic jointly developed the plan for international business development and the legal structure. Alliance experts provided the checklists with all relevant aspects, in order to arrive at solid agreements.

Hydrologic is now active in Australia, South-Africa and Ireland.

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