Creating Profit Through Alliances: business models for collaboration

This first English-language book by Alfred Griffioen describes how alliances can add value to business strategies. The first chapters summarize Alfred’s first two books (which were in Dutch) on strategic collaboration and competitive advantage. For three major strategies the benefits of collaboration are described, and how this leads to additional revenue. Alfred explains in total 10 different business models on how to split this extra revenue with your partner. The book also highlights a number of legal aspects for a collaboration.

Structure of the book

The book is divided into five chapters:

1. Competitive strategy reviewed
2. Alliances as strategy accelerator
3. Creation of value
4. Distribution of value
5. The formal agreement

Useful case descriptions for better insights

The book contains cases concerning 15 companies including Philips, KLM, SAP and CapGemini. Alliance managers of these companies tell how they manage their collaborations and what business models they use.

Order the book or download the free electronic version

A printed version can be ordered via You can download the free electronic version here.

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