Sell to cosmetic distributors in Europe: find them in our big database

Nail cosmeticsThe competition in the cosmetics market is fierce, but apart from the steady brand names there is always a need for innovation and for brands with a fresh story and positioning. Especially in organic products and products for different skin colours there is an upward trend.

Getting in the department stores

The department stores and shops where you want to be are easily identified, but how to get to their buyers or purchasing managers, who are the decision makers in this field? They have the responsibility to choose only those brands who will bring additional profit to the store.

This is where we have our contacts, e.g. in the Netherlands, but also in a growing number of other countries. We have built these contacts in projects that we did for various other brands, and if the offering is clearly documented, these people are open to new ideas.

Preparation is key

However, this requires also good preparation from your side. Think of:

  • General presentation materials, with a clear brand story.
  • Samples of your most important products.
  • Pricing and delivery conditions, especially where it comes to international trade. It is easy to quote all your pricing Ex Works, but try to calculate a Delivery Duty Paid price as well.
  • Your marketing plan and budget for the country. If they allow you to sample your products in their store, will you pay for that? And do you not only post, but also pay for advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

If you think your brand stands a chance with a purchasing manager, then we can bring you there. We only charge a small fee for reviewing your products and introducing you, and only if business develops, we will charge additionally.

Send us info on your product

Please contact our colleague Judith de Leede (email), who is one of our specialists in this field, or otherwise one of our colleagues near to you. For the Netherlands we have a concrete offering to get your product in the hands of various distributors, see here.

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