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As a company we are also buying services and outsourcing activities, and you can always approach us for this. Please note the following:

  • As a consultancy company, we hardly buy any tangible products.
  • Where is comes to marketing, we are always open to new techniques, but please answer how you make the difference.
  • As you can see, we have a perfect website and are not in need of any website or SEO services.
  • We already have a solution to make international money transfers at low cost, and this is sufficient for our volumes.
  • We don’t place guest articles on our website, or trade links with other parties. We have experimented with this already and it brings us little reward for the hassle involved.
  • Where it comes to internships, with our international structure we can’t offer you an office where constantly colleagues are present. If this is no problem and your school allows you mainly to work from home, please let us know what you can do.
  • If you want to join us as a consultant, read this first.
If this does not scare you off, feel free to fill out the form and your message will land directly in the mailbox of Alfred Griffioen.

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