Distributors and brokers to export to supermarkets in the USA

Exporting products to supermarkets in the USA is an attractive prospect for businesses worldwide. Not only does it provide access to a large, lucrative market, but it also allows companies to build their brand internationally. The process of exporting goods to US supermarkets, however, is complex and often daunting for those unfamiliar with the procedure. […]

Export to supermarkets and other retail in Germany

Supermarket cauliflower

Germany is a major export market for products from all over the world. It is home to some of the largest and most established supermarkets and drugstores in Europe, and these stores are an attractive option for businesses seeking to enter this market. One of the biggest players in the German retail market is Metro […]

International distribution channels & global marketing strategy

International distribution strategy is the process of selecting the right export countries, finding the right distribution channels and positioning your product or service in such a way that your sales starts to grow. This requires local knowledge of the market and a well-structured plan. Do you want to use the experience of others in your […]

Our services specifically for Alibaba.com sellers

Alliance experts is working together with Alibaba.com to help USA-based brand owners and manufacturers to increase their exports. Alibaba.com provides sellers with a world-class platform to display their products, get in touch with potential buyers and arrange easy communication and payments. It is a great way to start your export activities. Alliance experts provides a […]

Find a distributor to export your cosmetics to Russia

Being one of the biggest markets in the World for cosmetics consumption per capita, Russia seems to be very attractive for exporters from all over the World. Indeed, Russian women are ready to spend a fortune on perfumes and cosmetics. However, this market is also very challenging for exporters. In other words, they should be […]

Distributor margin, profit and retail price in FMCG and other industries

If you are a manufacturer or supplier, and you want to sell your products to consumers, you will have to work with distributors and retailers, both in your home country and abroad. The margin for a distributor may range from 3% to 30% of the sales price, the margin for the retailer may range from […]

International clients that don’t pay – overdue export invoices

As exporting company you try to make the best payment arrangement with your overseas customers. But they do not always pay in advance, and then there is the risk of non-payment. What to do? First: try to avoid this nasty situation Non-payment is something that can not be avoided. But you can reduce the risk […]

Sourcing in Europe, Turkey and CIS countries: faster and eco-friendly

If you purchase your products and stock in China or other East-Asia countries you may have longer delivery times and higher shipping costs at the moment. Corona and the blocking of the Suez canal has disrupted container shipping a lot and exposed the vulnerability of production chains. All the more, you may take into account […]

China international business and marketing strategies: 5 lessons

Throughout the years Alliance experts specialists have consulted many companies on their market entry into China. We have seen what works, and what goes wrong. Especially for export directors and international sales managers we have compiled our most important lessons for entering the Chinese market. China is more¬† complicated than people expect, you should not […]

The popularity of superfood from Brazil in Europe

What (super)food products can Brazilian companies offer Europe? Of course there are exotic fruits like pineapple, banana, coconut and watermelon, and well-known commodities like soya, sugar and meat that come from Brazil, but the trend towards superfoods also comes from Brazil! Brazil produces a lot of food Brazil is the largest country in South America […]