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We provide strategic business development services to grow your presence in Canada. We help you customize your offering for the country and follow-up on leads or approach new clients.
Especially technology products or sales to businesses or governments may have long sales cycles. Our continuous presence in Canada ensures trust and prompt follow-up.
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How to sell your product or service in Canada?

Canada, is the second-largest country in the world by land area, but also an interesting economy, and can be a trial market before going to the United States. As of 2023, it has an estimated population of about 38 million. Known for its vast landscapes, multicultural cities, and bilingual heritage (English and French), Canada is a symbol of diversity and environmental richness.

Economically, Canada has a high GDP per capita, standing at approximately $48,000 USD in 2023. The country’s economy is highly diversified, with key sectors including natural resources, manufacturing, and services. Natural resources like oil, natural gas, minerals, and timber are significant economic drivers, particularly in regions like Alberta and British Columbia. The service sector, including banking, insurance, and tourism, plays a central role in the national economy.

Canadian business culture and etiquette

Canadians are polite, easy going and informal. They like to engage in discussions on various topics as they are confident and aware. French and English are the two main languages used. If in Quebec, make sure you know French or keep a translator by your side. The Canadian communication style is pragmatic and based on common sense. Refrain from comparing Canada with the US during your interactions. Canadians are a highly individualistic lot, who like to keep their personal information to themselves.

Most of Canadian companies are focused on leaner and flatter structure of business rather than taking the conventional hierarchical approach. In Canada, it’s far better to do initial research before any embarking on new ventures. Canadians as managers, are not dictatorial, instead they settle issues producing definite result in a decisive manner. When meeting them, make sure that you are more formal than when you are dealing with Americans. While punctuality matters the most to Canadians, meetings usually start with small talk first.

Negotiations tactics in Canada

Due to Canada being a multi-cultural land, most Canadians are adept at conducting business with other nationalities. They are open-minded and have a genuine interest in the world. Toronto and Ottawa are the best business destinations.

  • Be punctual and direct
  • Be aware – Canadians appreciate you more when you are clear about all aspects of your business proposal such as budget, services, knowledge sharing or third party partnerships.
  • Be open  and share information to build trust
  • Approach the negotiation as a relationship building exercise – Canadians prefer a win-win solution
  • Be positive
  • Avoid hard selling, hype or aggression
  • Wrap it up, don’t stall
  • Introduce written terms and conditions

Why use our business development services in Canada?

We know the market from inside-out

We work with local teams, who already know the market, speak the language and know the business culture.

We are active in over 30 countries

We can compare different markets and as we can help you in all of them, we only favor the market that may work out best for you.

You Reduce your risks

We help you avoid cultural misunderstandings, compliance issues, and other risks associated with entering a new market.

Try our services in Canada

Our structured approach for market entry

Alliance experts has a proven methodology to start or increase your sales in a new market.

Our local teams in over 30 countries help you define your pitch and convince the right sales channels or clients.

Month 1

Scan phase

  • We get to know your company and offering
  • We make a first long-list of potential distributors, partners or clients
  • We gather feedback from them on your product
  • We review the competition

Month 2

Launch phase

  • We develop the right pitch for this market
  • We list more targets until we have all relevant ones
  • We approach them with your offering
  • We evaluate and adjust the approach where needed

Month 3 and further

Grow phase

  • We follow up on new leads and previous contacts
  • We list and approach more targets where available
  • We involve you in case of interested prospects
  • Every month we report on all contacts we had

Customer Experiences

” Alliance Experts strongly supported our growth in African markets. Innovative, effective strategies, and superb communication. “
James Martin

James Martin


” Outstanding service! Found the perfect partners in within a few months. Our international sales skyrocketed thanks to their expertise. “

Mehmet Aksoy

RR Engineers

” During our cooperation Alliance experts showed an effective approach and tracking, professionalism and provided the services reliably and on time. “
Nouraldine Banaeinejad

Nouraldin Banaeinejad

CAN Home appliances

” Invaluable local insights led to great distributor matches. Their approach revolutionized our market entry strategy. Highly recommend! “
Francis Huang

Francis Huang


” Alliance experts has helped us with clear insights in a market which was relatively new to us. Even under difficult circumstances they found good dealer candidates. “
Alliance Expert found distributors for Harley Davidson

Vitello Benevetti

Harley Davidson

” Alliance Experts’ tailored strategies boosted our Europe market presence phenomenally. Exceptional service, highly recommended! “
Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang


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