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De Heus is one of the biggest European Companies in the animal feed industry with almost a century of experience. De Heus is now investing in Iran and exporting their products to Iran, as this is one of the biggest countries in the world in stock-breeding.
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First stage: market research

In order to justify bigger investments, De Heus wanted first wanted extensive market research to be done. There is little information available on the internet, especially not in English. The research project was conducted all over Iran using a team of 20 specialists and researchers in agriculture industry. In this 6 month long project, our agriculture industry researchers and specialists conducted market research through field visits, interviews and desk research. Due to the importance of the project also some top managers of related ministries and governmental organisations were asked to help us in order to get the most accurate information.

Second stage: business trip and matchmaking

After promising conclusions from the research, a business trip was planned for the client in order to visit feed factories and farms in different provinces all over Iran. Also B2B meetings, expert sessions and formal meetings in governmental organizations were organised in order to get an overview of the market.

A comprehensive report covering animal population and farm size, poultry industry, animal products and feed industry was delivered to them as the outcome of the project.

Third stage: investments

Based on the outcomes of the research and the business trip De Heus decided to invest in Iran. The contacts that Alliance experts brought were a sufficient basis to hire staff and sign contracts. Now the client has established a factory in Iran and is producing!

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