Our services specifically for Alibaba.com sellers

Alliance experts is working together with Alibaba.com to help USA-based brand owners and manufacturers to increase their exports. Alibaba.com provides sellers with a world-class platform to display their products, get in touch with potential buyers and arrange easy communication and payments. It is a great way to start your export activities.

Alliance experts provides a range of services that can help you perform better on the Alibaba.com marketplace and may further increase your sales:

Market Quick Scan

If you want to know your chances in a number of countries, without doing extensive market research, we can do a market quick scan for you. With our market quick scan you don’t need to travel to get a good first impression. Our local partners in as many countries as you like will dive into your product or service and report on the following:

  • The suitability of your product or service in their markets. Is your offering useful and does it fit the local culture, habits or trends?
  • Publicly available data on market size, to get a first impression.
  • Possible distribution channels that you can use in addition to Alibaba.com.
  • Potential competition and their price range, especially online.
  • General recommendations for this market.

This results in a short document per country (see examples). If you have any specific questions or points of attention, we will try to answer them as good as possible.

For other countries please contact one of our consultants. The quick scan will mostly be delivered within 2 weeks.

Regulatory scan

If you want to know for one or more countries the relevent regulations and what certifications are needed in order to sell your product, then use our “Regulatory Scan”. This brings you essential information to ensure that you put your efforts in the right markets.

With our Regulatory Scan you don’t need to dive yourself in the legal bureaucratic procedures in the local language of the target country. Instead, our local partners in as many countries as you like will scan the local regulations and report on the following:

  • Are the licenses, permits, certifications and tests from your own country accepted in the target country? Or do you need to do them again in the target country?
  • Wat are general regulations, laws and restrictions on labelling and user instruction?
  • Should the involved documents be translated into the local language(s)?
  • In what product category is your product seen? Is that a choice? How does this effect the regulations and market potentials?
  • Recommendations on how to proceed with the regulations in this country. E.g. do you need a law firm, customs broker, local distributor or start your own legal entity?

This results in a document per country of few pages long. If you have any specific questions or points of attention, we will try to answer them as good as possible.

Local sales representation

Do you receive enquiries from companies in a country or region that you are not so familiair with, like Europe, the Middle East or Asia? And do you want a German, Arab or Chinese to reach out to them and convince them to buy from you? Then we can be your local sales representative.

We typically do this after we have done a Market Quick Scan for you. You will first inform us on the most important features and delivery conditions for your products. Then we start picking up enquiries and acting as your local representative. You will pay us a small monthly fee to be standby, plus an hourly rate for the activities that we do.

By having us as your local representative you gain trust with your customers and you increase the chances of turning an enquiry into an ongoing relationship.

Do you want to learn more?

or contact us with your questions through info@allianceexperts.com.

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