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The right pitch to the right people

Alliance experts helps companies to enter new markets and expand their international business. With our Scan-Launch-Grow approach we help you define the right sales pitch for the market where you want to go and we bring your offering to the attention of the right people.

We can do this effectively because we have local teams in over 30 countries around the world. All experienced business developers, who have practical knowledge, who speak the local language(s) and who have a great network.

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Working with us is

Personal, profitable and pleasant

When you contact us, there is always somebody in your region who can be your first point of contact. This way we don’t have language or cultural barriers in our communication with you.

This Alliance experts representative will involve the teams in the countries that you are interested in. And if both of them don’t know enough about your industry, we also bring in an industry specialist.

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Our team all over the world

Alfred griffioen: Our founder

How it all started

From one to a global organization

Alliance experts was started up in 2008 by Alfred Griffioen as a consultancy on alliances and partnerships. Since 2011 we are active in multiple countries, making international connections between manufacturers, brand owners, distributors and customers. We are now present in over 30 countries, in all the bigger economies and important business hubs around the world.

Companies we helped to

Close deals abroad
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