Export strategy: accelerate your international sales and marketing

What are your own company’s strengths, which countries/markets are you looking at? Which type of export approach is best suited to the goals of your company? And how do you ensure that your efforts will lead to the right financial result?

A good strategy is the basis

For us a good export strategy falls apart in three questions:

  • What will be the product or service that you want to sell abroad? Is your offering unique, better or (much) cheaper? What differentiates you as an exporter? And is your company ready for international expansion?
  • Which country do you want to go to? If you haven't done market research, you can do market quick scans to quickly get a feel of the chances of your product in various countries. Or if you sell a tangible product, you can use world trade analytics.
  • What will be your approach? For medium sized and smaller companies we strongly believe that finding a local partner is the best way to enter a market with minimal risk. Your approach also determines the budget you need to be successful.


Your Export Road Map within a few sessions

Within a few consultancy sessions we can help you define your “Export Road Map”, a concise document with concrete steps and focus. We look at your offering, the initial country selections and your approach.

We also evaluate your plans from a financial perspective: what investments do you need for your market entry to do and what return will you expect? We support you with sample budgets and templates to put a sound financial basis under your plans.

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