Local company representation and conflict resolution

Suppose you want to do business in a specific country, but it is too early to post an employee there. We can represent your company, whenever this is necessary and for as long as this is necessary.

Our partners are based in the region. They can look after your interests and represent you in various ways.

Inside sales representative

Our local specialist ensures that your company is represented properly when potential customers are making enquiries:

  • Localising and translating websites, brochures etc.
  • Arranging a local office address and phone number
  • Serving as a first point of contact
  • Reacting on local social media and collecting reviews
  • Responding on contact requests through your website

Active sales and representation

In addition, we can actively search the market for opportunities:

  • Monitoring market opportunities
  • Cold calling and correspondence
  • Visiting fairs, congresses and doing the right follow up
  • First visits to prospects
  • Arranging meetings for you or your staff
  • Accompanying you while meeting prospects

Resident director services

We can also be your local company director. This way you can already have a substantial presence in the country where you want to do business. Options are:

  • Establishing and managing a legal entity
  • Representing you in contacts with the government and local authorities
  • Actively searching for local partners and concluding agreements
  • Supervising local delivery of goods or services
  • Distributor/supplier management

If you already are doing business, we can manage your distributors in the region and check them on service quality. We can keep them focused with audits and product trainings. On the supplier side, we can monitor them on quality and compliance and check shipments even before they leave the port or the airport.

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