Working with Alliance experts is personal, profitable & pleasant

Alliance experts helps you to generate more profit from foreign markets. We know what is important for medium sized and smaller enterprises that want to grow internationally. From choosing your country up to the moment that you have found your local partners and start seeing revenue.

Alliance experts uses a five-step process to enter the market

Our experienced business development specialists are the ones to guide you through these steps and do most of the work for you, always in close collaboration with your staff. We want to make sure your market entry is successful, which means for us that revenue is coming in and you can expect a profit. For this we use a five-step approach.

Steps in the market entry process for your exports

Our team composition for your project

Our people are based in over 20 countries, have an extensive network, know the language, the culture and above all are passionate in what they do. They know from their own experience what it means to enter the market in their country.

For every project we compose a team for you consisting of three of our partners:

  • One partner in or near your base country, to liaise with you and act as your first point of contact and strategic advisor.
  • One partner in each country that you want to target, who will execute your project. As soon as you make your first visit, he or she will be there to accompany you.
  • One partner with the right knowledge of your industry, to act as consulting partner for the others and to ensure the success and continuity of your project.


Our corporate values

We have defined three values that we work from. Working with our specialists is:

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Have a look at our pricing structure and examples or contact one of our people if you want to know more about working with us. They will be happy to answer your questions on their specific country.

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