Export business case check: is your marketing plan viable?

How much sales do you expect from a new market that you want to enter? How much do you need to invest for market research, setting up sales channels, arranging logistics and for new business development? What does this mean for your cash flow and pay-back time?

Do our business case check

Alliance experts has developed a business case check to help you estimate your investments and additional margin. This gives a clear picture of your payback time in relation to the risks you will be taking. The outcomes will help to convince your board or your shareholders to go or not to go. This will give you a sound basis and a well specified budget for your market entry.

A convincing business case in two steps

Step 1. The basis for a business case will be market research. Our local partner in the target country will search for data with respect to market size, competition and pricing to strengthen your business case. In the mean time you can search for internal data like cost prices and marketing expenses.

Step 2. In a meeting we will check whether all information is necessary information is available and we will fill out the the business case tool. Where we don't have exact data we will make estimates. Our tool will give first insights and professional graphs and we will analyse the results with you. We help you to prepare a presentation for your board or shareholders.

Make an appointment with us

If the right market research is available, we can present your business case within two meetings or video calls. In the first meeting we will focus on all the necessary data, in the second meeting on the outcomes and the presentation.

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